13. Fly off the handle (to lose one’s temper) When his father questioned him about money, he flew off the handle.
14. French leave (to be absent without permission) Those who take french leave should not be pardoned.
15. Fair and square (upright) My father advised me to be fair and square in business dealings.
16. Feather one’s own nest (to provide first for one self) Our leaders are busy feathering their own nests and have no concern for the poor.
17. From pillar to post (rush in all directions and suffer much harassment) You may rush from pillar to post, but you stand no chance of getting what you want without a bribe.
18. Foot the bill (bear expenses) Although he hosted the feast, his brother had to foot the bill.
19. Fair weather friend (selfish friend) A fair weather friend will never stand by you in difficulty.
20. Flash in the pan (sudden success) The success of Indian cricket team is never constant and steady. It is generally a flash in the pan.
21. Fit to hold a candle to (match for, equal in qualify) He is the son of a famous writer but he is not fit to hold a candle to his father.
22. The Fourth Estate (the press) The newspaper is regarded as the Fourth Estate of the state.
23. Feather in one’s cap (additional success) His success in his M.A. exams has added a new feather in his cap.
24. Fly in the face of (to defy) It is disobedience on their part to fly in the face of the orders of the Principal.

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