1. Gain ground (to succeed slowly & steadily) The belief in the abolition of dowry system is gaining ground.
2. Get off Scot free (to escape without punishment) A murderer can also very easily get off scot free for lack of evidence.
3. Grease the palm (to bribe) Now a days if you want to get your work done, you will have to grease the palm of someone or the other.
4. Gird up the loins (to prepare/or hard work) Indians must gird up the loins to face any foreign attack on their country.
5. Go to the dogs (to be ruined) The rich industrialist will go to the dogs because of his son’s bad habits.
6. Get oneself into a mess (to drift into trouble) Due to sheer ignorance, Vijay seems to have got himself into a mess in his office.
7. Give a wide berth (to avoid) We should always give a wide berth to all selfish and mean persons.
8. Gentleman at large (an unreliable person) We must not believe a gentleman at large.
9. Good Samaritan (one who helps strangers) He is a good Samaritan because he always comes to the help of the old and the children in difficulties
10. Give a good account of oneself (to act creditably) As the eldest son of his family he gave a good account of himself when calamity befell the family.
11. Give the devil his due (give credit to a worthless person for his good qualities) We should give the devil his due for his good qualities.

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