12. Green horn (inexperienced) Though a green horn in political field, he appears to have a bright future.
13. Give up the ghost (pass away, die) After long illness he gave up the ghost last week.
14. Go the whole hog (to do something thoroughly) You will have to go the whole hog to come out of this mess.
15. Get into a scrape (awkward situation) He got into a scrape when his wife refused to let him help his sister.
16. Go broke (become bankrupt) As a result of heavy gambling he had to go broke in the long run.
17. Get into hot waters (get into trouble) He got into hot waters by marrying a girl of another caste.
18. Give currency (to make publicly known) The Government has refused to give currency to a number of scams.
19. Great hand (expert) He is a great hand at organising social parties.
20. Get down to brass tacks (to deal with the matter straight) Instead of wasting time in discussion, please get down to brass tacks.
21. Give one a long rope (to let someone commit mistakes) He never gives his employees a long rope.
22. Good turn (an act of kindness) He did me a good turn by recommending me for the post of Vice President

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