1. Hold water (sound, tenable) His statement will not hold water as it is not based on facts.
2. Hang together (support one another) The two statements delivered by the leader of the party do not hang together.
3. Hope against hope (hope inspite of disappointment) Sohan’s case is very weak and everybody knows that finally he will lose, but he is still hoping against hope.
4. Have an axe to grind (to have a selfish interest) Reema is very selfish but the way she is being polite with everyone gives the impression that she has an axe to grind.
5. Have the gift of the gab (art of speaking) Meena is not highly qualified but she has the gift of the gab.
6; Hit below the belt (to strike unfairly) We should always face the enemy boldly and never hit him below the belt.
7. Hold one’s tongue (to keep quiet) We should always hold our tongue before our elders.
8. Herculean task (very difficult) It is a Herculean task to root out corruption in India.
9. Haul over the coals (to take to task) She was hauled over the coals by her parents for her misconduct.
10. Have one’s finger in everyone’s pie (to partake of something) My best friend likes to have her finger in everyone’s pie as she is in the habit of meddling with the affairs of others.
11. Halcyon days (peaceful days) The days we spend in our school life are the halcyon days of our life.
12. Have an iron will (strong will) If we have to live among the mean and selfish people, we must have an iron will.
13. Hold Out an olive branch (offer of peace) The terrorists are not prepared to hold out an olive branch to the Government of India.
14. Hanky panky (jugglery) None of this hanky panky, tell me the truth.
15. Have feet of clay (full of faults) The C.B.I. inquiry has revealed that many ministers have feet of clay.
16. Heart and soul (devotedly) He took part in the annual function heart and soul.
17. Hard and fast (strict) No hard and fast rule is laid down about being regular in the college.
18. Hang fire (remain unsolved) Kashmir problem has been hanging fire for many years.

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