19. High & dry (a difficult situation) He was left high & dry by his business partners.
20. Hit the nail on the head (to do the right thing at the right time) He hit the nail on the head by resigning his job.
21. Hobson’s choice (no alternative) The employees in the private sector have Hobson’s choice because they are forced to accept what they are ordered to do.
22. Have too many irons in the fire (doing many things at a time) He is fickle minded arid has too many irons in the fire.
23. Hold in abeyance (postpone) For lack of funds the district administration has held the construction of road in abeyance.
24. High and mighty (proud persons) The high and mighty forget that everything in the world is transient.
25. Hard nosed attitude (aggressive) I don’t know why my teacher always has a hard nosed attitude towards me.
26. Hold in leash (to restrain) As a responsible leader of a party you must hold criticism of party workers in leash.
27. Head and shoulders (superior) Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee is head and shoulders above his predecessors.
28. Hold a brief (to defend someone) It is very improper for parents to hold a brief for their children who are in the wrong.
29. Hush money (a bribe) He managed to escape punishment by paying hush money.
30. Hold at bay (to prevent enemy from coming) Maharana Partap could not hold the Mughal army at bay for long.
31. Hit the jack pot (unexpected success) He hit the jack pot by investing his money in shares.
32. Helter skelter (here and there) When the police arrived the rioters ran helter skelter.
33. Have a brush with (to have encounter) Our principal had a brush with the Vice Chancellor over the appointment of a lecturer.
34. Hornet’s nest (raise controversy) The speaker stirred up hornet’s nest by referring to impending changes in the rules.
35. Hold somebody to ransom (to demand concession by making someone captive) It is a pity that a handful of militants are holding the nation to ransom.
36. Hole and corner (secret) I have come to know of your hole and corner method of dealing with people.

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