1. III at ease (uncomfortable) A student is often ill at ease when he has to see the Principal after he has done something wrong.
2. In a fix (In a dilemma) The whole police department is in a fix about the threatening letters written by the kidnappers.
3. In a fair way (hopeful) The doctor feels that patient is in a fair way on to recovery.
4. In the good books of (to be in favour with a person) Sunita’s brilliant success in her final examination has led her to be in the good books of her teachers.
5. In tune (in a mood) The teacher asked the students if they were in tune for study.
6. In the lurch (to leave a friend in difficulty) You must never leave your best friend in the lurch.
7. Ins and outs (secrets) The servants are generally familiar with the ins and outs of the family.
8. In the blues (in dumps depressed) After his failure in the Examination he is in the blues these days.
9. In the red (suffer a loss) Most of our Public Sector Undertakings are in the red for lack of efficient administration.
10. In the limelight (prominent) After being out of favour with the leader of the party he is again in the limelight these days.
11. In the teeth of (inspite of bitter opposition) Hindu Code Bill was passed in the teeth of opposition by various organizations.
12. In a tight corner (in difficult situation) After losing in gambling heavily, he is in a tight corner.
13. In cold blood (to do something deliberately) The child was murdered in cold blood.
14. In doldrums (to be depressed) After his failure in the examination he is in doldrums these days.
15. In the family way (pregnant) She has been advised complete rest because she is in the family way.
16. Ivory tower (imaginary world) Those who talk of non violence as a useful tool in international politics live in ivory tower.
17. In the dumps (in low spirits) He visit cheered me up as I was in the dumps before her visit.
18. In a flutter (excited) My sister is in a flutter today because she is going for the interview.

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