1. Jaundiced eye (prejudice) You must not evaluate the success of your rivals with a jaundiced eye.
1. Keep body and soul together (to maintain life) These days because of rising prices it is difficult to keep body and soul together.
2. Keep at an arm’s length (to keep at a distance) Selfish people should always be kept at an arm’s length.
3. Keep the wolf from the door (to avoid starvation) In India millions of people struggle hard to keep the wolf from the door.
4. Kith and kin (blood relation) If we have no love for our kith and kin, we cannot be expected to love humanity.
5. Knit the brow (to frown) Her mother in law always knits the brow at everything she does.
6. Kick the bucket (to die) He kicked the bucket after long illness in the prime of his life.
7. Keep up appearances (to maintain outward show) Though he is in financial crisis, he is able to keep up appearances’
8. Keep one’s fingers crossed (to wait expectantly)We had to keep our fingers crossed till the last ball was bowled.
9. Keep the pot boiling (earn hardly enough for living) He is earning only to keep the pot boiling.
10. Kick one’s heels (to waste time in waiting) As the train was late we had to kick our heals at the station.
11. Keep abreast of (not to fall behind) It is very important for the young persons to keep abreast of political developments in the country.

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