1. Account for (explain the reason, answer for) I can’t account for his unusual behaviour in this matter.
2. Ask after (ask about the welfare, inquire after) I met your brother at the party, he asked after you.
3. Ask for (request for) She asked for a glass of water.
4. Back out (go back on, withdraw from promise) He agreed to help but backed out at the last moment.
5. Be in for [about to take place (unpleasant)] On account of his bad habits he is in for trouble.
6. Bear away (win) Suhani bore away the first prize in the dance competition.
7. Bear on/upon [relevant, (bearing on)] Your remarks have no bearing on the main problem.
8. Bear out (support the argument, corroborate) I am sure .my classmates will bear out my statement.
9. Bear with (to show patience, cooperate) In view of the heavy losses suffered by the company, the shareholders were requested to bear with.
10. Blow Out (extinguish) The candle blew out as the gust of wind came in.
11. Blow over (pass off without harm, come to an end) Don’t worry, the crisis is likely to blow over.
12. Blow up (explode, start suddenly) The plan of the enemy to blow up the flyover was foiled by the police.
13. Break down (emotional collapse, stop functioning) While giving evidence in the court, she broke down.
14. Break into (enter by force) The robbers broke into his house last night.
15. Break off (come to an end, unsuccessfully) The talks between India and China broke off.
16. Break out [spread (war, epidemic, fire, riots)] The fear that aids has broken out in India is not unfounded.
17. Break through (discover a secret, major achievement) There is no hope of break through in the murder case.
18. Break up [terminate (meeting, school, session)] The college will break up next week for summer vacation.
19. Break up with (quarrel) After long and fruitful friendship the two friends broken up with each other.
20. Bring about (cause to happen) The administration helped to bring about a peaceful settlement.
21. Bring out (explain the meaning, publish) When asked to explain, she could not bring out the meaning of the poem.
22. Bring round (to make one agree, bring to senses) I was able to bring my mother round to my views with great difficulty.
23. Bring up (rear, educate) Fathers are beginning to play a bigger role in bringing up their children.

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