24. Call at (visit a place to meet) I called at the residence of my boss yesterday.
25. Call for (necessary, require) For the unity of the country discipline among the people is called for.
26. Call in/call out (send for help) The police were called in without delay by the residents.
27. Call off (suspend or abandon) We decided to call off the strike.
28. Call on (go and visit a person) It is a tradition for the Prime Minister to call on the President.
29. Call out (ask to come for help) The National Guards has been called out.
30. Call up (to telephone, recall) Many of my friends called me up to congratulate me.
31. Call upon (appeal, exhort) He was called upon to prove the correctness of the press reports.
32. Carry away by (lose control) On bearing the news of his success he was carried away by joy.
33. Carry on (continue) Now it is difficult to carry on this business in the teeth of stiff competition.
34. Carry out (implement, obey, execute) it is not likely that your father will carry out the threat of disinheriting you.
35. Cast away (throw away as useless) We usually give our servants the old clothes which we cast away.
36. Cast down (dejecte4 down cast) Now
adays he is cast down as a result of his failure in the examination.
37. Cast off (release, remove) Organization must cast off old fashioned practices in order to survive.
38. Catch up with (make up for deficiency, overtake) He remained ill for many days but caught up with the pending work very soon.
39. Come about (happen) It is not good that such an unfortunate accident came about.
40. Come across (meet by chance) I came across my old friend in the market yesterday.
41. Come by (get) How have you come by such a precious diamond?
42. Come of (belong to) Recta comes of a family of freedom fighters.
43. Come off (take place as arranged, fade, get separated) I was surprised to see that plaster had come off the walls.
44. Come over get over, overcome) You can come over your problems by honest means.
45. Come round (agree, recover from illness) My father at first refused to let me continue study but he came round in the end.
46. Come upon (come across, get by chance) My friend came upon the evidence just by chance.
47. Cope with (manage) They coped with all their problems cheerfully.
48. Cut down (curtail, reduce) Since you are out of job these days, you must cut down your expenditure.
49. Cut off (discontinue, die, remove) Gas supplies have now been cut off
50. (Be) Cut out for (suitable) He is cut out for an administrative career.
51. Cut out (to take a piece from the whole) He cut out a piece of the cake and put it in my plate.
52. Cut up (distressed, cut into small pieces) She was cut up because she had been scolded by her teacher.

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