53. Die down [gradually disappear (riots, excitement, storm etc.)] The wind has died down.
54. Die out (become out of use or existence) He thought that the custom had died out a long time ago.
55. Dispose of (sell off) She has decided to dispose of her old house.
56. Dispose to (willing, inclined favourably) My friend is disposed to discussing the problems thoroughly.
57. Do away with (eradicate) We should do away with social evils.
58. Do for (serve the purpose) This book will do for the SSC examination.
59. (Have) Done with (have no relation) I have done with him because of his dishonesty.
60. Do without (dispense with, to manage without) We cannot do without fan in summer.
61. Done for, done in (be ruined) He appears to be done for since he h lost heavily in gambling.
62. Draw up (to write, compose, draft) I was busy drawing up plans for the new course.
63. Draw on or upon (to get money from) He was able to draw on vast reserves of talent.
64. Drop in (to pay a short visit) I thought I’d just drop in and see how you were.
65. Drop out (retire in the midst of doing something) She could not qualify for the selection as she dropped out while the race was in progress.
66. Fall back (retreat) The rioters fell back when the police arrived.
67. Fall back on (depend on) You must save money to fall back on it in old age.
68. Fall off (decrease in number, get separated) In the wake of roof tragedy the admissions in the school have fallen off
69. Fall out (quarrel) The two friends appear to have fallen out over a minor issue.
70. Fall in with (agree with) Instead of challenging the lie, she fell in with their views.
71. Fall through (to remain incomplete, fail) For want of sufficient funds your new project is likely to fall through.
72. Follow up (pursue after the first attempt) The idea has been followed up by a group of researchers.

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