73. Get ahead (go forward) You can get ahead of your rivals only by hard work.
74. Get along (be friendly) They just can’t get along together because of temperamental differences.
75. Get at (reach, understand) It is very difficult to get at the truth etc.
76. Get away (escape) They got away on scooter.
77. Get away with (without being punished or with little punishment) Although his fault was serious, he got away with light punishment.
78. Get on(progress) How is your son getting on with your study?
79. Get on with (live together, pull with) Both husband and wife are getting on well with each other.
80. Get over (recover from illness or shock, come over) He is still trying to get over the financial crises.
81. Get through (pass through, succeed) It is not possible to get through examination without labour.
82. Get up (rise from bed, dressed) The woman got up from her chair with the baby in her arms.
83. Give away (distribute) She has given away Jewellery worth thousands of Rupees.
84. Give in (surrender, agree) At first she was adamant but at last she gave in to the request of her friend.
85. Give out (announce verbally, emit) It was given out that she had failed.
86. Give up (stop, abstain from) He gave up smoking to save money.
87. Give way (collapse under pressure, break) The contractor was charged with negligence when the roof of a new building gave way.
88. Given to (accustomed to) He is given to smoking.
89. Go back on (withdraw, back out) One should not go back on one’s promise.
90. Go down(be believed) Your excuse will not go down
91. Go in for (buy, practise, to enter a contest) I thought of going in for teaching.
92. Go off (explode and be discharged) When he was cleaning his gun it went off and killed him.
93. Go on (continue) There is no need to go on arguing about it.
94. Go over (examine carefully, look over) On going over the balance sheet of the company the auditors have found serious mistakes.
95. Go through (read hurriedly, endure) He didn’t lend me the newspaper because he was going through it.
96. Go up (rise, increase) As a result of a sharp rise in prices the price of washing soap has gone up.

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