139. Make off with/away with (run away, destroy) They made off with the cash and fled.
140. Make out (understand the meaning) The police could not make out the coded message they intercepted.
141. Make over (transfer possession, convert) Since she had no legal heir, she made over her house in charity.
142. Make up (to end (quarrel), compose) You should make an effort to make up a quarrel with your friend.
143. Make up for (compensate for) After her long illness she is trying her best to make up for her deficiency in study.
144. Pass away (die, expire) On the passing away of his father I sent him a message of condolence.
145. Pass for (regarded to be) The TATAS pass for philanthropists in the country.
146. Pass off (take place) The elections are likely to pass off peacefully.
147. Pass oneself off (show off) The hypocrites always pass themselves off as honest persons.
148. Pass through go through, undergo, endure) He is passing through financial difficulties these days.
149. Pass out (leave after completing education) The cadets will pass out next month after completing their training.
150. Pull down (demolish a structure) Why did they pull the shops down?
151. Pull off (succeed) India pulled off victory in the last stage of the match.
152. Pull through (recover from illness) I think she’ll pull through her serious illness very soon.
153. Pull up (stop, scold) The students were pulled up by the Principal for their misbehaviour with the class teacher.
154. Pull with (live together, get on with) He is pulling well with his wife these days.
155. Put down (crush, keep down) The riots were put down by the local police.
156. Put off (postpone, avoid, discourage) The meeting had to be put off because the President could not come.
157. Put on (wear, pretend) It is difficult to put on the appearance of innocence for a long time.
158. Put out (extinguish) The fire was put out suddenly.
159. Put up (stays, question) He is putting up at a hostel these days.
160. Put up with (tolerate patiently) For an honourable person it is difficult to put up with the haughty behaviour of the Directors.

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