161. Round up (arrest) The police rounded up anti-social elements last night.
162. Run after (pursue, hanker after) We should not run after money.
163. Run down (criticise, poor health) As a result of long illness she has run down a lot.
164. Run into (come across, meet by chance) While walking along the roadside, I ran into my old schoolmates.
165. Run out (come to an end) When the rations ran out, the head office was informed.
166. Run over (crush under) He was run over by a speeding car.
167. Run through (waste money) It is a pity that he has run through his fortune over gambling and drinking.
168. See off (to escort a guest for his departure) His friends were present at the station to see him off.
169. See through (discover something hidden, motive) Man has grown so clever that it is difficult to see through his tricks.
170. Send for (summon) She sent for a doctor when her husband fell ill.
171. Set about (start doing) As soon as she reached home, she set about calling up her friends.
172. Set aside (allocate, strike down, turn down) The High court set aside the verdict of the lower court in this sensitive matter.
173. Set in (begin) As soon as the summer sets in, the reptiles come out of hibernation.
174. Set off (to start a series of events, process, improve) (i) Cosmetics set off the natural grace. (ii) Privatisation has set off the process of liberalisation in foreign trade.
175. Set up (establish) The factory was set up by his uncle.
176. Set forth (start on a journey, explain) The party will set forth its views on globalisation at a public rally.
177. Set out (start on a journey, set forth) No sooner was the hunter informed of a lion’s presence in the forest than he set out.
178. Sit back (relax) He believes that he has the right to sit back while others should work hard.
179. Sit up (stay out of bed, stay up) She sat up till her son returned.
1.80. Stand by (support, help) Although he promised to stand by me in difficulties, he did not live up to it.
181. Stand for (represent) T.E.C. stands for Technical Education Certificate.
182. Stand out (to be conspicuous) She stood out from the crowd because of her amiable manners.
183. Stand up for (defend) It is your duty to stand up always for the poor.
184. Strike off (remove from the list) His name has been struck off the admission list.

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