185. Take after (resemble) She always reminds me of her mother since she takes after her mother.
186. Take down (write) She was busy in taking down the dictation which the teacher was giving.
187. Take off (remove, leave the ground, improve) It is difficult for Indian economy to take off in the absence of heavy investment.
188. Take over (take up responsibility) The agency tried to take over another company. .
189. (Be) Taken to (form a habit) He took to wearing black leather jackets.
190. Take up (start a hobby or study, occupy) He has taken up modeling as a career.
191. Tell upon (affect adversely) I have warned him that heavy work will tell upon his health.
192. (Be) Taken in (be deceived) For all your intelligence you are likely to be taken in by impostors.
193. Take for (suppose to be, identify) I took the scoundrel for a noble person.
194. (Be) Taken aback (be surprised) I was taken aback to hear of the news of his failure.
195. Talk over (discuss a matter) I agreed to go home and talk over the matter.
196. Turn down (reject, strike down) I turned down the request of my friend to go to Simla.
197. Turn off (stop, switch off) Please make it a point to turn off water tap before you go out.
198. Turn on (switch on, start) She turned on the shower to take bath.
199. Turn over (change, capsize, upset) The boat turned over and ten persons were drowned.
200. Turn out (prove, reveal, expel) Nothing ever turned out right for me in life.
201. Turn up (arrive, take place) Who can say what will turn up next?
202. Watch out (look out, careful) If you do not watch out, he might harm you.
203. Wipe away (cleanse, remove) The marks of blood were wiped away by the accused.
204. Wipe out (destroy completely) We must try to wipe out poverty from the country.
205. Wind up (bring to an end) We were forced to wind up the business on account of heavy loss.
206. Work out (solve the problem) He is very intelligent and can work out any difficult problem.
207. Work up (incite, instigate) The politicians should not try to work up communal frenzy.
208. Work upon (influence) The leader tried to work upon the mob.

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