Important Prepositions 8

Important Prepositions

122. Disappoint of (hopes) I was disappointed of my success in the new venture.
123. Despair of (hopes) He was despaired of the hope of early marriage of her daughter.
124. Dabb1 in/at (art, politics etc.) Though he belonged to the family of politicians, he never dabbled in politics.
125. Destined for (some future) He is destined for the post of D.M. and is expected to be promoted soon.
126. Disgrace on (dishonourable) He is a disgrace on his family.
127. Dwell on/upon (speak/write in detail) The teacher dwelt on the need of discipline.
128. Die of (a disease) He died of malaria after a few days’ illness.
129. Die from (some cause) He died from over work because hard work had affected his health adversely.
130. Differ with (a person in views) I differ with you on the views of life.
131. Differ from (in something) She differs from me both in habits and looks.
132. Deal in (trade in) My friend deals in cloth.
133. Deal with (a matter, a person) You must learn how to deal with customers.
134. Dispense with (to remove, to do without) You cannot dispense with the use of fan in summer.
135. Dispense (to deal out, distribute) As a judge he dispenses equal justice to all and one.
136. Dispose of (sell) I shall dispose of my old furniture and buy new one.
137. Disposed to (inclined to) He is disposed to travelling abroad.
138. Decamp with (booty) The robbers had decamped with the booty before the police arrived.
139. Disgust with (person, life) Being spiritual he is disgusted with materials lie life.
140. Disgust at (an act) Everyone felt disgusted at his jokes.
141. Discriminate against (not to treat well) No one should discriminate against the poor.
142. Discriminate between (difference between) We should always discriminate between right and wrong.
143. Embark on (venture, undertake) He has decided to embark on new business undertaking.
144. Enter (place, no preposition) He entered my room without my permission.
145. Enter into (alliance, agreement) India and America have entered into various agreements.
146. Enter upon/on (undertake) My brother has decided to enter upon expansion programme of his business.
147. Enlarge on/upon (write or say more) I need not enlarge on the problem. And waste your time.
148. Endowed with (gifted with) His wife is endowed with both charms and talents.
149. Enamoured with (a person) Rosalind was enamoured with Orlando at first sight.
150. Enamoured of  (a thing) Though it was their first meeting, he was enamoured of her talents.
151. Enrage at (a thing, an act) The teacher was enraged at the student’s insolence.
152. Enrage with (a person) The teacher was enraged with the student for his insolence.
153. Exult over [enjoy (bad sense] The spectators exulted over the defeat of Pakistani team.
154. Exult at (enjoy) The spectators exulted at the victory of Indian team.
155. Eligible for (a post) Only graduates are eligible for the post.

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