Important Prepositions 7

Important Prepositions

156. Familiar to (to know) Her face is quite familiar to everyone.
157. Familiar with (knowledge) I am not very familiar with botanical names.
158. False of (heart) He is not false of heart.
159. False to (friends or principles) We should not be false to our friends.
160. Fascinated by (a thing) The children were fascinated by all the toys in the shop windows.
161. Fascinated with (a person) I was fascinated with her because of her admirable manners.
162. Fly into (anger) On hearing my remarks she flew into a rage.
163. Feed on (live on) Carnivorous animals feed on flesh.
164. Fondness for (liking for) He has fondness for classical music.
165. Fond of (liking for) He is fond of classical music.
166. For lack of/For want of/For short of/ (something) For lack of money he could not continue study further.
167. Grieve for (a person) He grieved for the victims of the storm.
168. Grieve over (a thing) He grieved over the loss of money in business.
169. Grieve at (an event) He grieved at my father’s death when I informed him of my personal tragedy.
170. Guard against (mistakes, temptations) You should guard against the wrong use of words.
171. Guard from (a danger, of a thing etc.) You should guard from him because he is false of heart.
172. Glance at (take a quick look) He glanced at her face and started noting down her address.
173. Glance through (go through) He glanced through the letter in a hurry and handed it back to me,
174. Good at (expert) He is good al piano.
175. Good for(nothing) He is good for nothing fellow.

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