Important Prepositions 4

Important Prepositions


232. Move to (tears) On listening to the tale of my sufferings Pearl was moved to tears.
233. Move with (pity) Pearl was moved with pity at his plight.
234. Move by (condition) We were moved by her pathetic condition.
235. Married to (a woman) Arnav was married to a famous doctor.
236. Married with (a man) She was married with Arnav.
237. Mix With (a thing) Please don’t mix water with milk
238. Menace to (treat to) Terrorists are menance to the security of the country.
239. Match for (a person in quality) His father is no match for my uncle.
240. Mock at (an act, a person) Never mock at the poverty of others.
241. Meditate on (past act) She was in tears when she meditated on her humiliation.
242. Meditate (future act) She is meditating revenge for her humiliation.
243. Neglectful of (a person, work, a thing) He has been neglectful of his business.
244. Negligent in (careless in duty)Don’t be negligent in your duty
245. Need for (something) There is no need for further action in the matter.
246. (In) need of (something) I am not in need of money (feelings).
247. Originate in (place as a source) Modern civilization originated in Europe.
248. Originate with (a person) This scheme originated with the Finance Minister.
249. Occupied in (doing a thing) I am just now occupied in solving the problems.
250. Occupied with (a thing) My father is occupied with the expansion of his business.
251. Operate on/upon (in the sense of operation) The doctor decided to operate on her leg immediately.
252. Oblivious of (having no memory, ignorant of) Oblivious of danger, they kept on marching ahead.
253. Offend at (thing) He was offended at my words.
254. Offend with (person) Please don’t get offended with her as she is honest.
255. Overwhelm with (feelings) Her mother was overwhelmed with love for his son.
256. Overwhelm by (defeated by) The enemy was overwhelmed by our army.

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