Important Prepositions 3

Important Prepositions


257. Part with (a thing) A miser cannot part with a single penny.
258. Part from (a person) I parted from my friend in Delhi.
259. Preface to (a book) He wrote a preface to his book.
260. Profit by (learn) You will profit by experience.
261. Profit from (gain) We may profit from new pension policy.
262. Partiality for (a thing, liking) She has partiality for sweets.
263. Partiality to (a person‘s favour) He always shows partiality to his relatives.
264. Prone to (inclined to)Thickly populated areas are prone to riots and diseases.
265. Perish by (destroy, famine, sword) The tyrants perish by sword.
266. Perish with (suffer from) They are perishing with starvation.
267. Prevail against (a thing, face) They prevailed against all odds in life.
268. Prevail on/upon (a person, to compel) I have prevailed on him to come to attend the function.
269. Point out (reveal) I pointed out his errors and he got annoyed with me.
270. Point at (blame) No one can point at his character because he is quite honest.
271. Point to (refer to) His speech pointed to a few problems relating to poverty.
272. Preside at (a party, chief guest) The Governor presided at the feast.
273. Preside over (meeting, president) He presided over the meeting in the absence of the chairman.
274. Provided against (adversity) We should always provide against a rainy day.
275. Provided for (arrange what is necessary) He died without providing for his family.
276. Popular for (a good quality) He is popular for his honesty.
277. Popular with (the people) He is popular with the students of the class.
278. Pine for (crave for a person) She is pining for the return of her lost son.
279. Pine away (die away with grief) She pined away in the memory of her lost son.
280. Play at (cards) We are playing at cards.
281. Play upon (a musical instrument) She is playing upon the piano.
282. Partake of (share anything) They partook of our food and were satisfied.
283. Prey on (exploit) The rich prey on the poor.
284. Passion for (strong desire) He has passion for writing poetry.
285. Peculiar to (particular) This habit is peculiar to my father.
286. Pity for (Noun) We should feel pity for the poor.
287. Pity on (Noun) He should take pity on the poor.
288. Pity (Verb) We should pity the poor.
289. Pride on (Verb) They prided themselves on their wealth.
290. Pride in (Noun) They take pride in their wealth.
291. Proud of We should be proud of our country.
292. Prompt in (quick in) You should be prompt in doing your duty.
293. Quick at (a thing) The dog is quick at smelling.
294. Quick in (doing a thing) The boy is quick in working out the problems.
295. Quick of (understanding) The child is very quick of understanding.
296. Quarrel over (a thing) They quarrelled over the division of their ancesteral property.
297. Quarrel with (a person) Don’t quarrel with your friends over trifles.

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