Important Prepositions 11

Important Prepositions

1. Abound in (Verb) (rich in) Uttar Pradesh abounds in water resources
2. Abound with (Adj) (full of) The forest is abound with streams. (teeming with)
3. Absolve from (declare free from guilt, promise, duty etc.) The court has absolved him from the crime
4. Absorb in (busy in work) He is completely absorbed in his work
5. Abstain from (hold oneself back, used for food habits) His doctor asked him to abstain from drinks
6. Abstemious in (eating & drinking) Those who are abstemious in food habits enjoy good health.
7. Accede to (a request or proposal) He acceded to my request.
8. Access to (means of reaching, approaching) I have no access to the Prime Minister.
9. Adhere to (stick to) We decided to adhere to the programme already agreed upon.
10. Approve of (give one’s approval) She approved of my proposal in no time.
11. Assent to (official agreement e.g., to a proposal) The President has given assent to the Bill.
12. Abhorrent of (abhor, to hate) He is abhorrent of dowry system.
13. Acquaint with (familiar with) I am not acquainted with this lady.
14. Addicted to (be given to something harmful) He is addicted to alcohol.
15. Assured of (positive about) I am assured of his help in need.
16. Attain to (arrive at a position/post) He attained to this status after hard struggle.
17. Attraction for (a thing or person) He has attraction for her.
18. Attracted to (thing or person) He was attracted to her at first sight.
19. Avail of (take advantage of) She availed herself of this opportunity and got success.
20. Aloof from (keep from ) Keep aloof from bad boys.
21. Advance for (mature) He is advanced for his years.
22. Advance by (prepone by) The visit of Vim has been advanced by two days.
23. Abide by (rules, comply with) You should abide by the rules laid down by the committee.
24. Accused of (a crime, charge with) He was accused of theft and convicted.
25. Acquit of (crime, fault) He was acquitted of the crime.
26. Admit to (admission) He was admitted to the school on merit.
27. Admit of (scope for) Your crime does not admit of any excuse.
28. Admit into (admittance) He was admitted into the room of the Principal.
29. Alight on (the ground) The birds alighted on the roof of my house.
30. Alight from (a bus, car, train) When he alighted from the car, he was welcomed with open arms.
31. Alight at (site, a place) The birds alighted at the antenna.
32. Annoy with (a person) Noddy was annoyed with his friends an account of their misbehaviour.
33. Annoy at (an act) Suhani was annoyed at the misbehaviour of her friends.
34. Aspire after (fame) It is human nature to aspire after fame.
35. Aspire to (the post) All the candidates aspire to the post of commissioned officers.
36. Amuse at (mock at, laugh at) Everyone was greatly amused at his awkward behaviour during the ceremony.
37. Amuse with (enjoy) They amused themselves with playing video games.
38. Answer (to) (a person) What will you answer to your father?
39. Answer for (explain, account for) You will have to answer for your misdeeds.
40. Account for (explain) You should account for your absence from the office.
41. Antipathy to (averse to a thing) I have great antipathy to wine.
42. Antipathy against (a person) We should not have antipathy against the poor.
43. Ask for (demand) I asked him for help but he refused.
44. Affiliated to (a university or board)Agra college is affiliated to the B.R. Ambedkar University.
45. Affiliated with (a party) Indian Communists are affiliated with the Communist Parties of Russia & China.
46. Attend to (pay attention to) He did not attend to what his mother advised him.
47. Attend upon (serve, wait upon) He has no servant to attend upon him in old age.
48. Antidote to (that counteracts the effect of poison) There i no effective antidote to poison.
49. Antidote against (cure for) Quinine is an effective antidote against Malaria.
50. Agree with (a person) I do not agree with you.
51. Agree on (a point) After much discussion they agreed on the terms of Partnership.
52. Agree to (views) He agreed to all my views but his father did not.
53. Afflicted with (disease, problem, mental trouble) India is afflicted with extreme poverty.
54. Allowance for (allow for) Always make allowance for the mistake of others and pardon them.
55. Atone for (a fault, sin) The Hindus go to the Ganga to atone for their sins.
56. Aptitude for (talent) He shows some aptitude for languages.
57. Alliance with (joined or united) China has entered into alliance with Pakistan against India.
58. Acquiesce in (accept passively) I had no alternative but to acquiesce in his unfair demand.
59. Apprise of (inform) I apprised him of the serious food situation in the state.
60. Act upon (comply with) Always act upon the advice of your elders.
61. Adept in (proficient in) He is adept in the art of dancing.
62. Adept at (thing) My brother is adept at classical music.
63. Adapt to (make suitable) You must adapt yourself to new situations for attaining to high position in life.
64. Accustomed to (be used to) I am accustomed to early rising.
65. Akin to (similar to) Your behaviour of indifference is akin to jealousy.
66. Alien to (foreign to) French is alien to me because I have never studied it.
67. Alive to (aware of) He is fully alive to the danger of the situation.
68. Amenable to (advice, willing to be guided) Now a days majority of the student are not amenable to discipline.
69. Analogous to (similar to) Jahanara’s wisdom was analogous to her beauty.
70. Aware of (know about) I am aware of your success.

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