Important Prepositions 10

Important Prepositions

71. Beware of (cautious) Beware of dogs lest you should be bitten.
72. Blush at (praise) She blushed at the mention of her qualities.
73. Blush for (a fault, ashamed of) I blush for the vices of my son who has disgraced the family.
74. Blind in (the eye) He is blind in left eye and needs major surgery.
75. Blind to (defects) We should not be blind to the fault of our children.
76. Born of (parents) She was born of a beautiful mother/parents.
77. Born to (passive voice) A son was born to her.
78. Bearing on (relation to) Your speech has no bearing on the subject we are discussing.
79. Beset with (surrounded with) India is beset with many problems these days.
80. Believe in (to have faith) I believe in him because he is honest.
81. Believe (regard as true) I believe him because he is speaking the truth.
82. Benefit by (Verb) You should benefit by the experience of others.
83. Benefit from (Noun) You should derive benefit from the experience of others.

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