Para Jumble (9)

Directions (1- 5) The following six sentences have to be arranged in the proper sequence, so as to form a meaningful paragraph. On the basis of your sequencing, answer the questions given below.


(A)Moreover, salaries in public sector enterprises are not as competitive as those offered by private or foreign corporate.

(B)This trend should be a wake-up call for stakeholders to examine why employee are seeking better opportunities with private companies in India and abroad.

(C)Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) have been experiencing severe challenges in attracting, motivating and retaining their key staff.

(D)Having identified these as the reasons why employees leave PSEs, it is important to empower stakeholders to find ways to remedy the situation.

(E)One reason is that young employees lured away by private firms are more willing to undertake professional risks.

(F)Employees in specialist roles especially have become increasingly difficult to retain.


1. Which of the following will be the Fourth sentence?

(A) A               (B) B                  (C) C              (D) D               (E) E

2. Which of the following will be the First sentence?

(A) F               (B) D                  (C) C              (D) B                (E) A

3. Which of the following will be the Last sentence?

(A) F               (B) D                  (C) C              (D) B                (E) A

4. Which of the following will be the Third sentence?

(A) A                (B) B                 (C) C             (D) D               (E)  E

5. Which of the following will the Fifth sentence?

(A) B               (B) A                 (C) C               (D) D              (E)  E



Answers :-

1.E                2.C                3.B             4.B               5.B


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