Para Jumble (5)

DIRECTIONS (Qs. 1-5): Rearrange the following six sentences(A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph, then answer the questions given below them.


(A) Do the devices that make it possible to do so many things at once truly raise our productivity or merely help us spin our wheels faster?

(B) More important, they’re exploring what can be done about it– how we can work smarter, live smarter and put our beloved gadgets back in their proper place, with us running them, not the other way around.

(C) The dinging digital devices that allow us to connect and communicate so readily also disrupt our work, our thoughts and what little is left of our private lives.

(D) They have begun to calculate the pluses, the minuses and the economic costs of the interrupted life– in dollars, productivity and dysfunction.

(E) What sort of toll is all this disruption and mental channel switching taking on our ability to think clearly work effectively and function as healthy human beings?

(F) Over the past five years, psychologists, efficiency, experts and information-technology researchers have begun to explore those questions in detail.


1) Which of the following should be the FIRST sentence?

(1) A                     (2) B                   (3) C                       (4) D                   (5) E


2) Which of the following should be the SECOND sentence?

(1) A                     (2) B                    (3) C                       (4) D                  (5) E


3) Which of the following should be the THIRD sentence?

(1) A                     (2) B                   (3) C                        (4) D                   (5) F


4) Which of the following should be the FIFTH sentence?

(1) A                     (2) B                   (3) C                       (4) D                    (5) E


5) Which of the following should be the SIXTH sentence?

(1) A                     (2) F                   (3) C                      (4) D                     (5) E




1) 3                 2) 4                   3) 2                 4) 1                5) 2


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