Cloze Test 28

Directions: In the following passage some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete


The Ordinance to raise the foreign capital cap in insurance from 26% to 49% is not the best way to do it, as it (1) the parliament (2). Presumably, however, US President Barack Obama’s visit explains the government’s tearing hurry. New Delhi wants to show that it is resolute in (3) reform. However, it would be naive to expect that foreign investors will rush to raise their (4) in India joint ventures and infuse more funds in the sector that needs lots of capital go grow. Investors want certainty in law. Foreign partners will (5) and watch to see how things pan out as an Ordinance is a stopgap arrangement. Eventually, Parliament must approve the law.

The NDA does not have a majority in the Rajya Sabha and the Opposition must cooperate for the numbers to stack up. It has been irresponsible, just as the BJP had been, when it refused to cooperate (6) the UPA government to push this reform it had first (7). But that’s not an excuse for the Opposition to now (8) the Bill. The select committee has already (9) the amendments to the insurance law. The Congress should support its passage, more so because the NDA is only continuing with many policies (10) of the UPA.


1) a) encourages       b) circumvents      c) hoodwinks         d) evades           e) helps

2) a) method              b) procedure         c) inaction             d) process          e) growth

3) a) presuming         b) aggressive        c) pushing             d) hasty              e) effective

4) a) stakes               b) goals                 c) roles                  d) risks               e) profits

5) a) halt                    b) stay                   c) stop                  d) think               e) wait

6) a) for                     b) with                    c) to                      d) along              e) upon

7) a) pressed             b) intended            c) expected          d) proposed        e) submitted

8) a) intercept            b) precede             c) block                d) foot                 e) chunk

9) a) vetted                b) audited              c) weighed           d) perused          e) scanned

10) a) actions            b) drives                c) dynamism         d) leadership      e) initiatives




1.b       2.d       3.c       4.a       5.e       6.b       7.d       8.c        9.a       10.e

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