Coding Decoding 10

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:

In a certain code language:  “only in serial order” is written as “ve pu na to”.
“order in the state” is written as “li ve su pu”.
“the logical idea only” is written as “su na ri jo”.
“in idea or theory” is written as “zt jo bk pu”,

1. Which of the following is the code of ‘theory’?
(1) zt
(2) bk
(3) jo
(4) pu
(5) Either ‘zt’ or ‘bk’


Answer: – 5

2. The code ‘li ri to ve’ may represent
(1) serial order theory only
(2) only idea state order
(3) state logical serial order
(4) serial theory state the
(5) only the idea logical


Answer: – 3

3. Which of the following may represent “logical idea is only order”?
(1) jo na ri ge ve
(2) ve na ri jo pu
(3) ri ve na zt bk
(4) bk to pu jo ve
(5) na ve su li pu


Answer: – 1

4. Which of the following is the code of “logical”?
(1) su
(2) jo
(3) na
(4) ri
(5) None of these


Answer: – 4

5. Which of the following is code of “serial”?
(1) pu
(2) to
(3) ve
(4) su
(5) Cannot be determined


Answer: – 2

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