Coding Decoding 18


In a certain code, her idea has merit’ is written as ‘fo la bu na’, ‘merit list has been displayed’ is written as ‘jo ke la si na’, ‘her name displayed there’ is written as ‘ya si bu zo’ and ‘name in merit list’ is written as ‘na ya go ke’.

1. What does ‘ke stand for? 
(1) been
(2) has
(3) merit
(4) name
(5) list


Answer: – 5

2. What is the code for ‘idea’? 
(1) fo
(2) la
(3) bu
(4) na
(5) Either bu or na


Answer: – 1

3. Which of the following represents ‘name has been displayed’? 
(1) ya la ke si
(2) jo Si ya Ia
(3) si jo ke na
(4) bu ya ke la
(5) ya si jo zo


Answer: – 2

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