Analytical Reasoning (5)

Directions (1-5): Study the following arrangement carefully and answer the questions given below.

Six players A, B, C, D, E and F play four different games viz Tennis, Racing, Shooting, Riding and wear shirts of four different colours i.e. red, green, black and orange shirts. C wears either red or green shirt. E does not play shooting and person who play riding does not wear red shirt; A neither wears green shirt nor plays riding. Both of the racing players wear different colours of shirts but not wear orange shirt. F plays tennis; tennis player does not wear red shirt, two players wear black shirts and one wears orange. One player is in shooting and wears green, D wears red shirt and tennis player does not wear black shirt. E is in riding and wears black while A wears orange shirt. Not more than two players are in same game and wear same shirt.



PLAYERS       GAMES         SHIRTS      

  A                   Tennis            Orange 
  B                   Racing            Black
  C                   Shooting        Green
  D                   Racing            Red  
  E                   Riding             Black
  F                   Tennis             Green



1. Which of the following shirts is worn by two players?

(1) Black and Orange

(2) Red and Green

(3) Black and Red

(4) Green and Black

(5) None of these


Answer: – 4


2. Which colour of shirt is worn by the player, who plays shooting? 

(1) Red

(2) Green

(3) Black

(4) Orange

(5) None of these


Answer: – 2


3. Which of the game played and shirt worn by B?

(1) Riding and Black

(2) Shooting and Green

(3) Racing and Black

(4) Tennis and Red

(5) None of these


Answer: – 3


4. Which of the following is the correct combination, according to the given data?

(1) E- Black- Racing

(2) F-Red-Tennis

(3) D- Green-Racing

(4) A-Orange-Tennis

(5) None of these


Answer: – 4


6. Which of the games played by the two players except Racing?

(1) Tennis

(2) Shooting

(3) Riding

(4) Tennis or Riding

(5) None of these


Answer: – 1

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