Analytical Reasoning (4)

Directions (1-5): Read the following information carefully to answer the question given below.

Seven Friends—Amit, Babita, Chetna, Deepak, Eti, Rythem and Kavita are from different places such as—Meghalaya, Kashmir, Bihar, Shimla, Shilong, Jammu and Maharashtra (but not in the same order). Each of them are in three different colleges X, Y, Z. At least two friends are studying in the same college. Rest of the information is given below:

(a) Deepak is from Bihar and studies in college X.

(b) Eti is from Shimla but does not study in college X.

(c) Rythem is from Shilong and studies in college Y with only Babita.

(d) Amit is neither from college X and nor from Kashmir.

(e) Kavita is from Jammu but does not study in college X.

(f) In college X, there is no student from Meghalaya or Kashmir.




  Amit             Meghalaya       Z
  Babita          Kashmir           Y 
  Chetna         Maharashtra   X
  Deepak        Bihar                X
  Eti                Shimla              Z
  Rythem       Shilong             Y 
  Kavita         Jammu              Z


1. The group of friends studying in college Z is-

1) Amit, Eti, Kavita

2) Babita, Chetna, Rhythem

3) Babita, Chetna

4) Amit, Rythem, Kavita

5) None of these


Answer: – 1


2. Amit is in which college?

1) X

2) Y

3) Z

4) Either X or Y

5) Can’t be determined


Answer: – 3


3. Which of the following is not correct?

1) Amit–Meghalaya–Z

2) Eti–Shimla–Z

3) Rythem–Shilong–Y

4) Chetna–Meghalaya–Z

5) None of these


Answer: – 4


4. Babita is from which place?

1) Meghalaya

2) Kashmir

3) Jammu

4) Shilong

5) None of these


Answer: – 2


5. Who belongs to Meghalaya?

1) Amit

2) Chetna

3) Babita

4) Can’t be determined

5) None of These


Answer: – 1

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