Analytical Reasoning (22)

Directions (Q. Nos. 1-5): Read the following information carefully and then answer the questions given below:

(1) A labrador , an Alsatian, a terrier and greyhound win the top four prizes in a dog race. Their owenrs are A, B, C and D , not necessarily in that order. their dog’s name are P, Q, R and S, not necessarily in that order.

(2) C’s dog neither wins first nor second prize.

(3) the terrier wins the first prize.

(4) S wins second prize.

(5) the Labrador is P.

(6) B’s Dog, the grayhound, wins fourth prize.

(7) D’s dog is Q.



  PRIZE     BREED        OWNER     NAME
      1         Terrier              D               Q
      2         Alsatian           A               S
      3         Labrador         C                P
      4         Greyhound      B               R


1. The first prize is won by

1) A’s dog

2) D’s dog

3) S

4) P

5) R


Answer:- 2


2. C’s dog

1) is the terrier

2) is the Alsatian

3) is the Labrador

4) wins the second prize

5) is Q


Answer:- 3


3. R?

1) is owned by B

2) is owned by A

3) is an Alstian

4) is a  terrier

5) wins third prize


Answer:- 1


4. In which of the following statements are the dogs correctly  listed in  the ascending order of their prizes?

I. A’s Dog, the Labrador

II. P, C’s dog, the Alsatian

III. R, the Labrador, A’s dog

1) I only

2)  II only

3) III only

4) II and III only

5) I and II only


Answer:- 1


5. on the basis of statements (1), (3), (4), (5) and (6) only , which of the following may be deduced?

I. S is the boxer

II. The greyyard is Qor R.

III. P wins third prize.

1) I only

2) II only

3) III only

4) I, II and III only

5)Data insufficient


Answer:- 4

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