Analytical Reasoning (21)

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below. 

Five friends Rosy, Mandy, Denial, Lucky and Ella like five different watches Titan, Samay, Sonata, Citizen and Fastrack 5 different cars Wagon R, Alto, Santro, Swift and Xylo & 5 different pens Reynolds, Parker, Cello, Montex and Elkos. Ella like wagon R car but not like Parker pen and Citizen Watch; lucky likes sonata watch and Reynolds pens but not like Xylo car. Mandy likes Xylo car and Samay watch. Rosy like Santro car and Cello pen, person who likes wagon R car likes Fastrack watch. Elkos pen is liked by a person who has swift car and citizen watch.



EllaWagan RFastrackMontex


1. Who likes Parker pen and Fastrack watch respectively?

(1) Ella, Denial

(2) Denial, Rosy

(3) Rosy, Mandy

(4) Mandy, Ella

(5) None of these


Answer:- 4


2. Which of the following car is liked by Lucky?

(1) Wagon R

(2) Swift

(3) Alto

(4) Either Alto or Swift

(5) None of these


Answer:- 3


3. Who does like Montex pen?

(1) Ella

(2) Denial

(3) Rosy

(4) Mandy

(5) None of these


Answer:- 1


4. Which of the following pair matching is correct?

(1) Xylo-Mandy-Parker-Citizen

(2) Parker-Denial-Fastrack-Ella

(3) Fastrack-Ella-Swift-Montex

(4) Denial-Elkos-Swift-Citizen

(5) None of these


Answer:- 4


5. Who does like watch of Titan?

(1) Mandy

(2) Rosy

(3) Denial

(4) can’t be determined

(5)None of these


Answer:- 2

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