Rows (5)

Directions (1-5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

(i) 12 friends A, B, C, D, P, Q, R, S, W, X, Y and Z are sitting in a row facing east.

(ii) X is third to the left of P, who is sixth to the right of A.

(iii) R is fourth to the right of Z, who is not near C.

(iv) B is fifth to the right end, and S is the second left of D.

(v) W and Q are not near P, who is second to the right of B.

(vi)There are two friends between C and Y, who is not near X.




1. Who are sitting at the end of the row?

1) Z and W

2) W and Q

3) Q and Z

4) Can’t be determined

5) None of these


2. What is the position of A with respect to S?

1) immediate right

2) third right

3) fourth left

4) second right

5) fifth left


3. Who is sitting third to the right of R?

1) B

2) S

3) Y

4) B or S

5) B or Y


4. Which two friends are sitting near D?

1) A and R

2) Z and A

3) P and Q

4) A and C

5) Can’t determined


5. Which of the following is true?

1) Five friends are sitting between Z and B.

2) R and X are sitting in the middle of the row.

3) D is sitting fifth to the left of B.

4) Only one friend is sitting between Y and Z.

5) More than one of the above are true.


Answer:- 4

Answer:- 5

Answer:- 1

Answer:- 5

Answer:- 4

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