Circle 3

Directions (1-5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

In a party there are eight friends in which four are boys and remaining are girls, in which girls are Ela, Ishita, Chitra and Diya and boys are Badal, Hitesh, Faruq and Ganesh. In between these eight friends one girl and one boy are the host. They are sitting around a rectangular table. Three are on the longer side of the rectangular table and hosts are on the remaining side. Some additional information is given below:
(a) All four girls are sitting adjacent to each other and Diya is 3rd right of Ganesh.
(b) Ganesh is the host sitting 2nd left of Chitra. Hitesh and Chitra are sitting opposite to each other.
(c) Ishita is 3rd left of Ganesh. Faruq is third left of Ela.




1. Who is the 2nd host in this arrangement?
(1) Hitesh
(2) Badal
(3) Ela
(4) Chitra
(5) none of these


2. What is the Chitra’s position?
(1) Immediate left of Ganesh
(2) Immediate right to Ganesh
(3) Faruq’s 2nd right
(4) Faruq’s immediate right
(5) Immediate left of Ela.


3. Who is immediate left of Diya?
(1) Ishita
(2) Badal
(3) Faruq
(4) Ganesh
(5) None of these


4. How many girls and boys are sitting opposite to the same gender?
(1) One
(2) Three
(3) None
(4) Two
(5) None of these


5. Which of the following statement is true?
(1) Three boys are sitting on one longer side
(2) Ishita is the another host
(3) Faruq and Ela are opposite to each other
(4) One girl is sitting to the second right of Badal
(5) None of these


Answer:- 3

Answer:- 4

Answer:- 5

Answer:- 4

Answer:- 5


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