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Directions (1-5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.
Twelve friends are seated along the two rows – (such that facing each other.) A, B, C, D, E and F are seated in first row and facing south. P, Q, R, S, T and V are seated in second row and facing north. Q is on the immediate right of S who is facing A. D is on the immediate right of A. P, F and C are at extreme ends and nobody is seated on the right of F. Only V is seated between P and T and he is not facing B. Q is on the immediate left of R.





1. Who is Facing C?
(1) P
(2) V
(3) T
(4) Q
(5) None of these 


2. Which of the following pairs is at one of the extreme Ends?
(1) F, T
(2) C, T
(3) P, B
(4) R, C
(5) None of these 


3. Who is facing V?
(1) B
(2) A
(3) D
(4) Can’t say
(5) None of these 


4. If A is related to R in a certain way and E is related to S in the same way, then which of the following is related to D?
(1) Q
(2) T
(3) P
(4) V
(5) None of these


5. If in the first row first person from the left interchange its position with the sixth person from the left and following the same way second person changes its position with fifth and third person change its position with forth and so on, who will face’s’?
(1) A
(2) C
(3) D
(4) B
(5) None of these


Answer:- 5

Answer:- 4

Answer:- 5

Answer:- 1

Answer:- 3


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