Circle 1

Direction (1–5): Read the following information and answer the questions below:

Eight family members Prabhu, Priya, Pradeep, Praveen, Preeti, Puja, Poorna and Pragati are sitting around a circular table facing the center. Each has different professions – CA, CS, ICWA, FCA, Lawyer, IAS, Engineer and Pilot – but not necessary in the same order.

. Priya sits second to the left of Pragati’s husband, who is neither an FCA nor an Engineer. No female is an immediate neighbor of Priya. Praveen’s daughter sits second to the right of Puja and on the immediate left of ICWA.Puja, who is sister of Poorna, is an Engineer. Puja is not an immediate neighbor of Pragati’s husband.

. Praveen’s daughter is a CA.Only one person is sitting between Prabhu and Puja.Pragati’s brother Praveen sits on the immediate left of his mother, who is an IAS. Prabhu is the father of Poorna. Only one person sits between Pragati’s mother and Preeti.Preeti sits on the immediate right of the person who is a CS.Only one person sits between Pragati and Poorna. Poorna sits second to the right of the person who is a pilot. Poorna is mother of Pradeep and not an immediate neighbor of Preeti.






1. Who amongst the following is Praveen’s daughter?


2. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the given information and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
1.Puja, Preeti
2.Pradeep, Puja
3.Preeti, Priya
4.Pragati, Praveen
5.Poorna, Pragati


3. The person who is a Pilot is sitting between which of the following persons?
1.CA and FCA
2.IAS and CA
3.IAS and Lawyer
4.FCA and Engineer
5.None of these


4. Who among the following is an IAS?
1.Can’t be determined
4.Mother of Praveen
5.None of these


5. What is the position of Prabhu with respect to his grandson?
1.Immediate left
2.Third to the left
3.Immediate right
4.Second to the right
5.Fourth to the left



1Ans – 3

2Ans- 2

3Ans- 3

4Ans- 4

5Ans- 3

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