Important Prepositions 9

Important Prepositions

84. Compensate for (give something to make up) He compensated me for the damage to my scooter.
85. Cure of (a disease) He is cured of illness after long treatment
86. Cure for (treatment) There is no cure for AIDS yet.
87. Compete with (person) He will compete with me for the first position in the college.
88. Compete for (trophy etc.) Our team will not compete for Roman Trophy.
89. Conformity with (views) I acted in conformity with the opinion of the majority.
90. Conformity to (rules, according to) I did that in conformity to the traditions of the family.
91. Cling to (to hold tight) The child was clinging to her mother.
92. Comply with (act in accordance with) You must comply with the rules laid down by the committee.
93. Condemn to (punishment) The accused was condemned to death,
94. Congratulate on (success) Arnav congratulated his friend on success.
95. Certain of (sure of) Those who work hard should be certain of their success.
96. Confident of (success) My sister is always confident of success.
97. Count on (depend on) You should never count on unreliable persons.
98. Charge of (Noun) (crime) Charge of murder was framed against him.
99. Charge with (Verb) (crime) He was charged with the murder of his neighbour.
100. Cope with (manage work) My advocate cannot cope with heavy court work.
101. Contrast to (Noun) Her character is a contrast to her husband’s.
102. Contrast with (Verb) They tried to contrast the character of their father with mine.
103. Cash in on (avail of) Every body of them was trying to cash in on reservation of posts announced for the community.
104. Contribute to (add to a thing) Every Indian should contribute to the success of Indian economy.
105. Complain against (a person) He complained to the Principal against me.
106. Complain of (a thing) The teacher complained of his rude behaviour.
107. Cordone off (protect) The dias of the P.M. was cordoned off.
108. Commit to (a promise, pledge, sentence) He has committed himself to the service of the society.
109. Confide in (a person) I have always confided in him and he has never deceived me.
110. Confide to (a person) Do not confide your secrets to unreliable friends.
111. Consist in (remain) Beauty consists in the character of a person.
112. Consist of (comprise) The house consists of four rooms.
113. Commence (on a day, at time, in a month) The examinations will commence on monday next at 10 o’clock.
114. Commence with (as first item) He commenced with grammar when he started teaching English.
115. Clamour for (demand) The labourers are clamouring for the rise in their wages.
116. Clamour against (complain against) The residents are clamouring against the negligence of the police.
117. Cause for(reason for) There is no cause for anxiety
118. Cause of (result from) The cause of Cancer is still unknown.
119. Concerned for (worried) I am greatly concerned for the safety of his money.
120. Concerned with (have anything to do) I am not concerned with his business.
121. Condole with (a person) I condoled with my friend in the death of his father.

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