Important Prepositions 6

Important Prepositions

176. Hear from     (a person) I have not heard from you for a long time.
177. Hear of (something) I heard of this event in Mumbai and rushed back to Delhi.
178. Hear by (post, through communication) I heard by a letter about his uncle’s death.
179. Hard by (near) The college is hard by and I go to college on foot.
180. Hard up (financially tight) He is hard up these days.
181. Hanker after (run after, hunger after) Don’t hanker after money and fame.
182. Healed of     (a disease, cured of) He is healed of illness after long treatment.
183. Infer from (statement) You cannot infer anything from his statement.
184. Insight into (reality, situation) Wise persons have insight into the reality of life.
185. Impress upon (a person, advice) The Principal impressed upon the students the need of discipline.
186. Impress with (with a thing) He impressed me very much with his good manners.
187. Inquire for/about (a thing) He has just gone to inquire for the supply of rations.
188. Inquire after (welfare, ask after) I inquired after his father’s health.
189. Inquire of (ask a person) I inquired of him the name of his father.
190. Inquired into (investigate) The police are inquiring into the case.
191. Interfere in (a thing) Don’t interfere in my private affairs.
192. Interfere with (hinder) Refrain from interfering with the course of justice.
193. Invest with    (authority) The Principal was invested with powers to deal with this problem.
194. Influence with (a person) He has immense influence with the police.
195. Influence over (the people) The P.M. has great influence over the people of tribal regions.
196. Influence on (a thing) The influence of books on young children is great.
197. Intrude into (forcibly) He intruded into the room but was turned out.
198. Intrude on    (privacy) Don’t intrude on the privacy of anyone.
199. Intimate with (friendly) She is intimate with my family.
200. Irritated at    (thing) He seems greatly irritated at my refusal.
201. Incensed at (thing) He was greatly incensed at his conduct.
202. Indignant at (thing) Instead of being happy he is indignant at my offer.

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