Important Prepositions 5

Important Prepositions


203. Judge of (give opinion) Don’t judge of things by their outward appearance.
204. Judge by (test by) He was judged by his academic qualifications.
205. Jump to (conclusion) Dont jump to conclusion without giving due consideration to the facts.
206. Jump at (an offer) He jumped at the offer and was highly pleased.
207. Jeer at (an act, a person) The spectators jeered at their team on their fourth defeat.
208. Jest at (an act, a person) Never  jest at those who are in trouble.
209. Known to (passive voice) You are known to her very well.
210. Known by (recognize) A man is known by the company he keeps.
211. Known for (a quality) Arnav is well known for his benevolence.
212. Knocked at (the door) I knocked at the door but there was no reply.
213. Knock on (Noun) Mala heard a knock on the door.
214. Key to (success) Hard work is key to success.
215. Lean on (depend on) I had to lean on him in difficulties.
216. Lean to (inclined towards) He seems to lean more to his daughter than his son.
217. Live in (region, area, country) He is living in America.
218. Live at (indicate the place) He is living at Agra.
219. Live on (food) He lives entirely on vegetables these days.
220. Live by (livelihood, manner) I have to live by the labour of my own hands.
221. Live off (source) Now a days he is living off rental income.
222. Listen to (advice) You should listen to my advice.
223. Liable for (responsible for) I hold you liable for the murder.
224. Liable to (deserve) He is liable to imprisonment and fine.
225. Laugh with (enjoy with others) It is better to laugh with than to laugh at others.
226. Laugh at (an act, person) Never laught at the old persons.
227. Lacking in (something, wanting in) Even educated persons were lacking in table manner.
228. (Have) Liking for (a person, a thing) She has great liking for children.
229. (Take) Liking to (a person, a thing) My friend took liking to Arnav and married him.
230. Likeness between (similarity) There is likeness between the Chinese and the Koreans.
231. Limit to (extent) There is always a limit to friendship.

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