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Important Prepositions 11

Important Prepositions 1. Abound in (Verb)  (rich in) Uttar Pradesh abounds in water resources 2. Abound with (Adj)  (full of) The forest is abound with streams. (teeming with) 3. Absolve from  (declare free from guilt, promise, duty etc.) The court has absolved him from the crime 4. Absorb in  (busy in work) He is completely […]

Important Prepositions 10

Important Prepositions 71. Beware of  (cautious) Beware of dogs lest you should be bitten. 72. Blush at  (praise) She blushed at the mention of her qualities. 73. Blush for  (a fault, ashamed of) I blush for the vices of my son who has disgraced the family. 74. Blind in  (the eye) He is blind in […]

Important Prepositions 9

Important Prepositions 84. Compensate for  (give something to make up) He compensated me for the damage to my scooter. 85. Cure of  (a disease) He is cured of illness after long treatment 86. Cure for  (treatment) There is no cure for AIDS yet. 87. Compete with  (person) He will compete with me for the first […]

Important Prepositions 8

Important Prepositions 122. Disappoint of  (hopes) I was disappointed of my success in the new venture. 123. Despair of  (hopes) He was despaired of the hope of early marriage of her daughter. 124. Dabb1 in/at  (art, politics etc.) Though he belonged to the family of politicians, he never dabbled in politics. 125. Destined for  (some […]

Important Prepositions 7

Important Prepositions 156. Familiar to  (to know) Her face is quite familiar to everyone. 157. Familiar with  (knowledge) I am not very familiar with botanical names. 158. False of  (heart) He is not false of heart. 159. False to  (friends or principles) We should not be false to our friends. 160. Fascinated by  (a thing) […]

Important Prepositions 6

Important Prepositions 176. Hear from      (a person) I have not heard from you for a long time. 177. Hear of  (something) I heard of this event in Mumbai and rushed back to Delhi. 178. Hear by  (post, through communication) I heard by a letter about his uncle’s death. 179. Hard by  (near) The college is […]

Important Prepositions 5

Important Prepositions   203. Judge of  (give opinion) Don’t judge of things by their outward appearance. 204. Judge by  (test by) He was judged by his academic qualifications. 205. Jump to  (conclusion) Dont jump to conclusion without giving due consideration to the facts. 206. Jump at  (an offer) He jumped at the offer and was […]

Important Prepositions 4

Important Prepositions   232. Move to  (tears) On listening to the tale of my sufferings Pearl was moved to tears. 233. Move with  (pity) Pearl was moved with pity at his plight. 234. Move by  (condition) We were moved by her pathetic condition. 235. Married to  (a woman) Arnav was married to a famous doctor. […]

Important Prepositions 3

Important Prepositions   257. Part with  (a thing) A miser cannot part with a single penny. 258. Part from  (a person) I parted from my friend in Delhi. 259. Preface to  (a book) He wrote a preface to his book. 260. Profit by  (learn) You will profit by experience. 261. Profit from  (gain) We may […]

Important Prepositions 2

 Important Prepositions   298. Reputation for  (a quality) My brother has a reputation for honesty. 299. Remorse for  (wrong-doing) She felt remorse later on for neglecting her old parents. 300. Respite from  (relief from) People have felt no respite from cold wave. 301. Replace by  (a new object) Old furniture will be replaced by new […]

Important Prepositions 1

 Important Prepositions   338. Think of  (remember a subject) Think of a plan and let me know tomorrow. 339. Think over  (to consider) I will think over your case after sometime. 340. Tantamount to (equal in effect) His remarks are tantamount to insult. 341. Tired of  (sick of, fed up with, weary) I am tired […]