Rows Set 96

Directions (1- 5): Answer the questions based on the information given below:
Ten persons are sitting in two parallel rows, facing each other. D, R, S, O, and W are facing south – while N, E, K, I and F are facing North.  All of them lives in the same building having five floors, with the bottommost floor being numbered as 1 and topmost being numbered as 5. There are two people living on each floor of the building. K faces S. R, who is sitting to the immediate left of O, is facing F, who lives on the floor immediately below R. S, who lives on the same floor as F, sits on one of the extreme ends. W sits opposite to E and both live on the same floor. There is only one floor between N and E. S lives below K. F sits to the immediate left of N who faces D. N who lives on the topmost floor sits on one of the extreme ends. O and N lives on the same floor. K, who is an immediate neighbour of E lives on the same floor as R.



Q1. Who is sitting third to the right of the of one of the person who lives on the third floor?
(a) F
(b) N
(c) K
(d) I
(e) None of these
Q2. Which two persons live on the fourth floor?
(a) F – W
(b) I – R
(c) N – O
(d) I – D
(e) None of these
Q3. Who sits between I and N?
(a) E
(b) F
(c) I
(d) S
(e) W
Q4. Who among the following does not live on an even numbered floor? 
(a) I
(b) D
(c) K
(d) R
(e) None of these
Q5. Who is sitting opposite to the person who sits second to the right of I?
(a) R
(b) D
(c) S
(d) O
(e) W



1. Ans. (b)
2. Ans. (d)
3. Ans. (b)
4. Ans. (e)
5. Ans. (b)


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